Introducing the Home Category & My Glam Rail


Malick and I are going through a serious phase of making our house more homely and more us. I think I started it, and infected him too. Blame it on the new year, getting older and the reality of the Malay muslim tradition of a “Bruidskamer” (bride’s room or new home).

You see, when a Malay muslim girl like myself gets married, traditionally for the most part your completed home is a surprise. Three weeks before my wedding I wasn’t allowed to see the progression of the renovations, and my mom in law even banned me from looking at the furniture! I helped pick out the sofas, bought the dining room chairs and all the crockery and bedding, so I could kind of feel included in the nesting phase but otherwise that was it. I didn’t know what the walls or floors or bedroom furniture or counter tops would look like. While I truly loved what my hubby and his family put together for us, I definitely feel that after two years it’s time for more of my input. I’m also a firm believer that your physical space – from design to organisation and cleanliness – is a reflection and stimulant of your mental space and as a result, your life.

I began a while ago by suggesting we turn our TV/entertainment room into an office since I was working at our dining room table for over 6 months since going freelance, and it just wasn’t practical anymore. So we got rid of our leather sleeper couch (still semi regret this but it made me lazy), built a long desk into the wall, added a shelf and moved the tv into the lounge area.


Surprisingly things are turning out to be cohesive, which was unintentional to be quite honest. Throughout the house our walls are white, and a lot of the furniture features a black finish teamed with light wood, while the floors are dark. I didn’t choose this at all, but wanted to work with it rather than against it so we’re just finding ways to spruce things up and keep it all relevant with great plants and added some geometric prints here and there to keep it light and modern.


Among many other little projects and DIY’s up our sleeves, this latest rail came from the idea of allowing the office to function as a glam room too. I’d been eyeing this rail since 2015 after seeing the exact one in Rumi Neely’s glam room, and when a friend showed me MRP finally got it in the lust was real! The only problem was it was R3000 because the quality is so good, and I kept eyeballing it online and never purchasing. The other day however I picked it up for more than 65% off! I couldn’t believe my luck. Also I used this black and white mat from MRP in my recent display for Cavendish Square and loved it, so I basically sold myself on the idea.

I plan on using the rail both as a display, and to arrange my pre-ironed clothes for every day of the week when I’m super busy, so I don’t “faff” around too much running late.

I still need a beauty desk and long cupboard in here for my lighting and camera equipment, and also so I can finally put my make-up etc in a proper place. Once that’s done and ready, I’ll show you the final result!

MRP is sold out of these particular rails online, but they have this similar one which you can find here. You can also find my mat here.


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