Unbranded flatpeak cap from Guangzhou clothing market, H&M Christmas knit (Doha), Zara quilted coat (Doha), Zara leather leggings (Barcelona), Prada Baroque shades (Cape Town), Nike AF1’s (Hong Kong), American Apparel backpack (London).
My crazy month of March is finally over, and I have honestly never worked harder before in my life. I had four days off somewhere vaguely in between which I used to meet up with my friend Mishkah in Istanbul, and this is what I wore on one of our site-seeing days. 
While Istanbul was surprisingly freezing I can’t emphasise enough what a gem of a city it is. I’d been so anxious to go for years and this trip was a rather worthwhile spur-of-the-moment visit, and I’d really like to go back in the Summer. Most people don’t know this but I am of Turkish descent, so it was amazing to see where I come from (kinda), with the Effendi family name all over the place. 
I also got to fulfil one of my dreams of getting to visit the Blue Mosque and see some of Nabi Mohammed’s (SAW) possessions at Topkappi Museum.
I’m finally on leave now for a few days and just got back from 4 awesome days on Mahe Island, Seychelles. I’d been there before and wanted a getaway that included nothing but good food, chilled times and minimal photo-taking as I wasn’t in the mood to be a tourist. However I couldn’t resist swimming with tropical fish and hiking up the mountain to a lush waterfall nestled deep in the jungle… totally normal there!
Just another ten more days of work then I have another 15 days of leave to look forward to in the best city in the world… Cape Town, I’m coming for you!