Leather jacket from The Lot, dress from a random shop in London, Parfois watch

Just a quick hello from me and my new for-the-sake-of-this-photo boyfie, taken the other day in Nairobi, Kenya. I went on a Safari, learnt how to jump like a Kenyan, ate too much pizza, performed some of my salaah in the Jamia mosque and watched an old movie with a skinny Tyra Banks in it. I meant to buy a key chain that says “Nairobi” or something touristy but instead I bought one that says “Cat Lover”. I wish I was joking.

Trying not to sound like a complete asshole when I say this, but it really was a nice feeling being back in Africa after nearly 3 months. I missed Doha too though. I guess slowly but surely the desert is beginning to feel like home.