Jerónimos Monastery


In the social media world, it’s #TravelTuesday, and on that note I realised I never shared this look from Lisbon. I think by this stage Leonor was pretty over taking pictures of me haha! She knew she didn’t have much choice though, after all my blog is how I landed up in Lisbon visiting her in the first place :) The weather was so crazy that day. It got really hot, then really overcast, then it rained a lot, and then warm again. You can tell by how differently these pictures are lit.

I’m missing winter fashion, and honestly running out of airy fairy summer wear. I get claustrophobic so quickly, especially in clothing when the weather is hot, so I’m always wearing a dress of some sort this time of year, and it feels so boring now!

Right now I’m stuck in bed with a stomach flu, but I can’t sleep much because I have deadlines, so I’m working from bed. At least I’m doing fun work though, so it’s not too bad :)

Hope your week is going well so far!


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H&M hat, Ray-Bans from Sunglass Hut, leather jacket from Thailand, shawl from a Lisbon boutique, G-Star RAW jeans, adidas sneakers,  Pandora bracelet, Marc Jacobs watch, leather bag from my line (coming soon!)

Photographs by Leonor Alves


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