Happy Monday Breed Babes! Woah, so much sass in these pictures, clearly I was having a moment ;) I’m wearing a G-Star jumpsuit (more like a catsuit) and G-Star boyfriend shirt too, and I’m crazy about the combination. I picked out this look when they dressed me for their annual Women’s Night back in November, but I never had a chance to share it and I’ve been meaning to for quite some time.

I love their jumpsuits (I have a navy one too), because, simply put, I feel like a fabulous spy. I always make sure I layer it with something else that covers my butt because I’m a modestly-styled lady like that. That being said, this green shirt was perfect with its longer length. I got these sandals in Forever 21 in Times Square, and they’re still one of my favourites.

What do you guys have planned for the week ahead? I’m headed to the AFF office this morning for my once-a-week workday there and guest-styling for a Cavendish Square fashion show this Wednesday. I think it’s on at 7pm. The seating is invite-only but you’re more than welcome to watch from the outskirts. Come and say hello!


DSC_7782 DSC_7693 DSC_7705 DSC_7799 DSC_7752

G-Star jumpsuit and shirt, Forever 21 heels.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel (book at lisagabrielphotography@gmail.com)

Make-up by me (book at info@fashionbreed.co.za)


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