Kalk Bay: Photo Diary

The other day Aisha and I decided to take a little drive to Kalk Bay and make the most of the bit of sunshine Winter was so generous to give us (as I’m typing this, it’s storming outside). Other than the occasional cruise with my friend, Anees, I don’t know why I don’t drive that side of the world more often. One always tends to head to the CBD to have a good time, do all the same things and bump into all the same people. We felt like we were overseas. Tiny, steep cobbled roads, white-washed wood, mopeds and quaint little shops warm the heart in a way that’s undeniably cheesy.
First we had some fish and chips at the infamous Kalkies, watching the seals and fisherman at work on the pier, followed by a cuppa in the toasty coffee shop, Olympia. Some may say we were overdressed, others may by now have come to realise that for us this is incredibly normal.
Post on what I wore coming soon :)

Photographs by me and Aisha.