Kylie vs. Huda – Which Liquid Lipstick is Best for Me?

So it’s taken me quite a while to jump on the Kylie Cosmetics and Huda Beauty liquid lipstick bandwagon. Now that I’ve been using both for some time and they are more easily available in SA, I thought I would give my opinion on each one, which is best for you, and the verdict on which of the two is my personal favourite. I got both my Huda and Kylie liquid lipsticks from, who specialise in selling strictly authentic international cosmetics brands.



Kylie’s lip kit comes standard with a liquid lipstick and a lip pencil. We’ll mostly be talking about the lipstick for this post, but if you’re wondering about the pencil, in short, it’s really awesome! But back to the lipstick – here’s a summary:

Formula: The formula goes on smoothly, smells like cupcakes and doesn’t clump. It takes between 30 seconds to a minute to dry. It lasts hours on end, only coming off slightly from the inner sides of your lips if the food you eat has a bit of oil in it. Otherwise, it must be removed with make-up remover, and sometimes it can take a while!

Pigmentation: The pigment and colour pay-off is amazing. I love that Kylie Lip Kits are available in colours that can’t really be found among most lipstick brands, for example, cool toned nudes like Dolce K. Drug store liquid lipsticks often require layering but this one just needs a single sweep of colour across an area, even if you don’t use the lipliner underneath.

Comfortability: Personally I can’t stand dryness, and on its own the lipstick is pretty dry and can crumble after a good couple of hours. What I find makes it much more comfortable is colouring your lips in fully with the lip liner (not just outlining them), and then applying the liquid formula on top.

The Overall Finish: Bold and unmissable! It really looks great on the lips.



Huda’s liquid lipstick does not have a lip liner. Her lipliners, AKA Huda Beauty Lip Contour pencils, are sold separately. The price is therefore relatively cheaper than a Kylie Lip Kit.

Formula: The formula is light, and also smells sweet and is clump-free. It takes over a minute to dry, and also lasts hours, but not as long as the Kylie lipstick.

Pigmentation: It requires a little more application than Kylie’s lipsticks, but only a little, and does have the potential to apply unevenly. It also comes in amazing shades that are hard to find in other brands found in SA especially, regardless of the liquid formula.

Comfortability: The formula is far more comfortable than Kylie’s but lasts just as long. It feels moist but there is no issue of the shade rubbing off, and it needs to be removed with a make-up remover too. Staying true to her claim, Huda has produced a product that is “not just another liquid lipstick”, because it truly feels amazing on the lips, and even holds its sweet scent while you wear it.

The Overall Finish: It looks amazing and also bold, but it seems a lot more matte than Kylie’s.


Well first let’s discuss if you actually need a liquid lipstick like these and the answer is yes, you do. They’re so long lasting and they just accommodate the life of the 2017 girl-on-the go; it’s not just for the make-up junkie. You know these lipsticks will have your back since they barely ever need to be reapplied, meaning in the long run, especially if you make them your daily lipstick, you definitely save, even though their price tag can seem steeper than average. Since I have both of these, I barely wear my other lipsticks anymore because when I do, I simply forget to reapply – and that’s assuming I’ve bothered to pack it in my handbag for a touch up.



If you don’t mind dryness, you want a better finish and you love fun and unique shades, go for Kylie’s lip kit. If a dry formula feels like nails to a chalk board for you and you prefer mostly classic shades, and you’re more on a budget, opt for Huda’s liquid lipsticks. They’re cheaper because they don’t have the lipliner and honestly I don’t think liquid lipsticks really need a liner if you have a steady hand. After all, the formula can’t bleed!

For me personally, Huda’s formula and feel is by far my favourite, and I love the shade called ‘Venus’ the most (shop here)! However, because I’m as extra as one can possibly be, I wear ‘Vixen’ (shop here) from Kylie’s holiday collection way more, because it’s the most beautiful, darkest shade of (almost black!) burgundy that I’m yet to find somewhere else.

Have you tried both or even just one? Which is your favourite?



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