Le Blanc

white hair


I have been scouring the net and magazines for hair cut/colour inspiration as it’s been a while since I have had a change in either, though I’m really loving my super long dark locks lately and have even been straightening it more than usual to emphasise its length. However, my addiction to drastic change and hairspiration-hopping has led me to a vicarious obsession with salt and pepper hair. From hues of white to grey, I am completely captivated when I see it being pulled off well. It’s one of those ‘taboo’ looks that I feel suits everyone because it actually suits no one, but everyone’s afraid of ┬áit making them look older or too edgy.

Personally I think when you think out of the box it can be interpreted in a feminine and romantic way, and can be really chic and high fashion if you are fully-prepared to own it. When I had an undercut everyone thought the next thing I would do was start wearing black and get tattoos, but it was quite the opposite. I loved the contrast between a shaven side, soft waves and feminine clothing. I’m all about being a walking contradiction/oxymoron. People are so quick to jump to blonde or auburn hues “for a change”, but mostly end up with something that really doesn’t suit them, and I cringe at what they think looks “natural”. Personally I’d rather turn my locks into a white wash wonder, because unnatural would be intentional at least. If I didn’t have The Biggest Day Of My Life to consider in the near future, I would without a doubt indulge in a suitable shade of silvery strands!

What do you guys think of this shade? I just can’t stop crushing on le blanc!