Le Petit Bateau

Jimmy Choo shades from SmartBuyGlasses (available here), necklace from Mong Kok Market (Hong Kong), blouse from KLCC Metro Station (Kuala Lumpur), high-waisted jeans from H&M, Boots from Zara (London), vintage leather backpack
This morning I arrived back in Doha after ten incredible days in Cape Town on my leave. It’s hard believe that I’ve been away from there for six months now, hard to believe all I have seen, experienced and found. I still forget I even have a job, weird I know.
I got Mom to shoot a quick look post for me again the way she would when I still lived back home. My new “thing” lately is rolling up my jeans with ankle boots so you actually see some ankle. Did it one day and it made sense the first time I did it and it just kind of stuck since then. Can’t seem to get my feet out of these leather Zara fringe booties I got in London at the sales two weeks ago, so they should be arriving in SA fairly soon for winter if you like ’em too.
Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!
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