Lookin’ For Love


On our last day in Bangkok, we went to Central World Mall in the hope to find Anastasia Beverly Hills, but also to go and see Trimurti Shrine, AKA the Love Shrine. In Hinduism, Trimurti represents the three aspects of their God. And so, on Thursday evenings at 9:30pm, singletons wearing red gather at the shrine, offering roses and prayers in the hope of finding love. At the shrine, vendors sells dozens of roses at a time which are gracefully laid in front of the statue.

It was an interesting place to people-watch. Another interesting and kind of sad thing to see fairly close by were the old foreign men roaming around with Thai prostitutes, buying them flowers, while these women provide them with a façade of companionship, respect and an ear to listen to their qualms. I couldn’t stop thinking about this, the image of people praying for a partner and the men with their paid-for significant-other. When I just came home to Cape Town the following day, I looked around at the usual drama that happens here; this one competing with that one, subtweets, older women still breaking each other down for the silliest reasons, men hurting their partners because they aren’t satisfied with something… It was really a rude awakening after being away and relaxed!

All I could think so much of it comes down to is that everyone wants to be loved and successful. And that’s okay, it only becomes an issue when people want to be more loved/successful than others, because that comparison means a sense of validation and worth. While Hinduism fuels no aspect of my religious beliefs, I felt grateful for the thoughts I had at this shrine. We bought some roses, took some pics and instead of laying the flowers down at the shrine as an offering, we gave it to some of the women passing by who had just finished their prayers. Their smiles were priceless, and I really hope their search for love (and someone sweet to buy them flowers) is successful some day.


IMG_2209IMG_2216IMG_2247IMG_2284shine seleects IMG_2281

Vintage dress from Chatuchak Market’s vintage section, Marc Jacobs watch from American Swiss, Pandora bracelet, MRP sandals, YSL Rouge Volupte in Red Temptation

Photographs by me and Malick


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