Looking Forward To Lisbon

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Good afternoon guys! I’m particularly happy today, because I just booked a ticket to see one of my best friends, Leonor, in her home town, Lisbon in Portugal! We’ve made the most fantastic memories together in Doha,¬†Dubai, Athens, New York, London and Cape Town, and we can’t wait to add another destination to that list.

I haven’t seen her since she was here for my wedding, which was her second visit to CPT already, so needless to say it’s about time I get to mingle with her family, friends and city as she has with mine. Not long after we met over three years ago, we hit it off right away and daydreamed of when we would visit one another’s homes. I promised to take her to see the penguins at Boulder’s Beach, and she invited me countless times to experience their beach house¬†in Algarve, one of the most beautiful and renowned beach towns in Europe. And of course I can’t wait to see the classic European architecture and culture that gets my heart going!

I booked my ticket with KLM’s Dream Deals, a special that started yesterday and will be running until 21 September 2015. If you’re planning a trip in the next few months, especially to Europe, give their deals a go! They also fly to their destinations via a transit in Amsterdam, so if your passport holds a multiple entry Schengen, you could really work this to your advantage, even if it’s for a short stopover. Many of you guys know the only thing I love as much as I love fashion, is travel. I think I have a chronic travel bug; I can never get enough! It’s honestly one of my biggest sources of happiness, and my wish for you is to experience the world as much as possible. It’s truly an education and freedom you can’t get anywhere else, and really frees your heart in the best of ways. I’d like to re-open my “travel advice” tab, so let me know if you guys have any topics you may want me to cover.






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