Loungewear Wishlist

I’m caught somewhere between wanting to lounge luxuriously and wanting to be like those cute, slouchily-dressed, tie-dye clad girls on Tik Tok.

I’ve bought a few things but I still feel like I’m slacking in my loungewear/work-from-home looks. It may also have something to do with the fact that I’m always cold and end up throwing my fleece Harry Potter gown over everything and end up looking sloppy! But with Zoom calls being the new norm and the undeniable fact that a pretty but still practical outfit can really boost one’s morale these days, I feel great loungewear is a must.

I’m thinking knitwear for the working days and grocery runs and trackies for Netflix and downtime.

These are some of the loungewear items I’m currently lusting over. Scroll to the end for links to shop!

  1. Nala Knit Set (order over Instagram)
  2. Streetlines Knit set (available in grey and oatmeal)
  3. Brave Soul Two-Piece Knit Set
  4. adidas Women Track Top
  5. adidas Women Track Pants
  6. adidas Women Classic Track Pants
  7. Reebok Wide-Sleeve Hoodie
  8. Nala Knit Set (order over Instagram)

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