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If you’ve been following my social media, you know that Muslims like myself have welcomed the beautiful and auspicious month of Ramadan into our calendars once more. Not only about fasting with regards to food, it’s a month aimed to be observed with discipline, modesty, charity and extra good deeds. 

That being said, I wear hijab for the entire month, so I thought now would be a good time to share one of more conservative but also favourite outfits I recently wore to a wedding. On that actual day I never wore my stiffening underneath because it felt a little rude, but I had to include it for these photos for extra drama of course! I’m also keen to make being proudly Cape Malay a thing. I feel my race gets swept under the rug as if black and white is all there is in SA, while religion and culture watered down and I’m over it. It’s boring. What we have and our story is beautiful, even if it’s scarred. 

Otherwise I’m feeling a bit out of it. My body clock is trying to figure itself out, because I prefer working at night, but have to be up at 5:30 for breakfast (before sunrise when fasting). I also hate sleeping in after, because waking up any time after 8am (except on Sundays) makes me feel mentally and physically like I’ve been hit by a bus, or like a bum who is failing at life. It’s all very confusing. One thing I’m SO grateful for though is not having a strict office job anymore! I know I say this often, but it’s truly the best feeling having grown. I love that I can pray on time during this Holy Month, cook my husband bomb dinners and use my hours in a beneficial way of my choosing. So yeah, my body clock hates me. But my heart wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! :)


DSC_9370 DSC_9409 DSC_9405 DSC_9359 DSC_9418

Zara Cardigan,  custom-made skirt, scarves from Mecca, Woolworths heels, Lily & Rose earrings, Pandora bracelet, Marc Jacobs watch.

Wearing Lashes by Fashion Breed in Lisa.

Shot by Lisa Gabriel | (and yes, the lashes are named after her!)


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