Sometimes I think so hard about what I’m going to wear, and other times, rare moments like these, I pull out my first, untried outfit option and it makes sense.

I had been wanting a well-cut tuxedo jacket for a long time, and this Studio W one was the dream version that finally manifested. This dress I had initially bought for a test shoot I was styling then decided to keep it for myself, while the houndstooth trousers are actually a jumpsuit I bought in Bangkok (seen here). By now it’s pretty clear that when it comes to adidas, Fashion Breed is shamelessly all in, so my sneakers shouldn’t come as a surprise, right?

Then, start of next week sees the last birthday month giveaway with Sissy Boy.

Leatherette and denim anyone?


two1_DSC0724Studio W blazer, jumpsuit from Khao San Road, Mr Price dress and bangles, Parfois necklace, adidas sneakers.