This past weekend Lisa and I attended our first Cape Town Fashion Week together, which was moved to the V&A Waterfront’s Watershed, taking the place of it’s previous digs at the CTICC.

Initially, I was very excited about this change, but on the night the crowd was scattered between two floors in the Watershed, the media lounge, and then along the walk to the tent where the shows took place. Had it been in summer, it would have also been a lot more bearable, but right next to the ocean on what felt like the coldest weekend in winter was maybe not such a great idea!

As a result I ended up not staying too long on both nights. When I’m THAT cold, it is way too hard to enjoy myself. I ended up catching shows like Lalesso, Michelle Ludek, Ruff Tung, W35T and my favourite pret-a-porter right now, Leigh Schubert. It’s very seldom I’m impressed by ready-to-wear items, but her use of fabrics, layering and proportion were both wearable yet marvellous at the same time. (For those who resonate with my personal style, her vibe was très hijabi-swag friendly on another level, and you would have loved it.)

Another highlight for me was getting to bump into a few of the models whose gorgeous faces I’ve been lucky enough to do make-up on. I’m cheesy sentimental and in a very hairdresser-esque way, sometimes these girls pour their hearts out to you about break-ups, the good and bad in the industry and everything else, so seeing them power walk down the runway made me so proud. A total of five of them were walking on both nights, in addition to my dear friend Alyssa (pictured with me below), who was doing interviews for a TV show she is currently hosting. 

Aside from that, the best part of both nights was spending some QT with Thithi who was here from JHB, and lapping up some laughs with Lisa. She’s honestly the funniest person I know, and she somehow strikes the balance between being incredibly organised, while at the same time she never makes work feel like work. I had no qualms ditching the shows early for a sushi date with her. Fashion company can be way too fickle at times!

Outfit post will be on its way next week!


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Photographs by Lisa Gabriel



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