Menswear On Malick – Three Ways to Style a Shirt


Happy Thursday, lovelies! The Month of Love is upon us and on that note, today’s blog post is a little different because as you’ll have noticed by now, there’s an extra special guest featured; my husband, Malick. Old Khaki approached me and asked me to style up my favourite guy in my favourite shirts from their latest collection. I loved the idea, because a great shirt has always been my favourite look on him, and it’s most definitely one of the times when he is at his most handsome. 

In these three outfits, we’re showing you how the versatility of classic button-downs can be taken from work to play and back, from weekday to weekend, allowing for comfort and an easy, polished look.

I kid you not when I say this man wears both formal and informal button-down shirts on most days. We could just be chilling at home, or he could be tending to his beloved garden or doing handy-man DIY and he’ll literally wear a shirt because he just loves to look good! He’s a firm believer that one can never be overdressed, and that he should always try to look good for me even if we’re just hanging out – I really love that about him :)


Final layout 1


final layout 2-1 DSC_2062

final layout 3


This post was done in collaboration with Old Khaki and all shirts are by Old Khaki

Other clothing items are his and my own. 

Photography by Lisa Gabriel



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