Shot in the colourful little part of Cape Town affectionately known as Bo Kaap, this area always brings me warm and nostalgic feelings. I associate it with houses in hues of happiness, my Islamic heritage and all its mosques, memories of watching the coons, where Aisha and I really got to know one another during a shoot, and the area where I went for my flight attendant interviews at the Hilton.

Feeling all kinds of happy, this look includes a few of my favourite things; sneakers, sequins, colour and cats. My kitty bowler and tee were gifts from Aisha from London, and she convinced me to buy this sequinned cardi when we were in Dubai. I’d been eyeing it for a while but was feeling a little stingy with my budget because it was not cheap, even on half-price sale, until she persuaded me with the idea that when we’re old and (still) fab, I’ll still be wearing this cardigan at someone’s wedding that I will undoubtedly have invited myself to (FYI, I’m totally going to embrace that time in my life). Every time I have worn it since I bought it, it’s been in the daytime with no particular occasion because if you ask me, sequins are a celebration of life, and as my favourite person reminded me earlier this week, we all truly have so much to celebrate and be thankful for.

Happy Friday everybody


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Bershka bowler hat (similar available at Mr Price), Zara cardigan, jeans and tee, adidas sneakers, lipcolour from MAC in Royal Azalea.

Photography by Lisa Gabriel



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