Hi babes! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend? I seriously had a great one, for once this grandma went out every single day AND had ample rest time. I also had a lot of time to think about my blog and direction of the content it’s going in – first I felt sad, then I felt motivated. The reason for this being firstly season is coming up – so from a lot of planned sponsored blog work to managing Lashes by Fashion Breed and doing the odd clients’ make-up in between when I have a moment – I really don’t want to lose touch with the more organic side of my content that so many of you have unwaveringly supported these past six years. By now most of you know I don’t take on jobs that don’t align with my beliefs or aesthetic, but still, it’s really important to me that I produce work that you guys love!

Furthermore, in just under two weeks will be my last day with the amazing team, after working once a week as their Beauty Ed for the past ten months. It’s been an amazing time and I learnt SO much about content creation, development and online fashion as a business, but it’s time to part ways. No bad vibes of course – I just really have so much on my plate! But that way I can focus on my own things more, which means more time for my own content.

Then two things people said to me recently really hit home, and again, has me thinking about the direction of my content. The first was I was tagged in a conversation between people on twitter raving about my writing in agreement. And every so often, I still get a random “I love your writing!” or “I miss your writing!” comments, and they make me both smile and feel guilty because I felt like I haven’t written something substantial in a long time. The second thing that hit home was someone messaging me asking, in all seriousness, if I ever have bad days, because my life seems so perfect. For some reason, reading this left me feeling gutted. I felt terrible for painting a picture that looked like that! Of course I have bad days, bad traits and tendencies, insecurities and more. I still have to scrub my bathtub, trim my cat’s butt hair, feed my husband, struggle with my fluctuating weight and cravings, and (as we speak) deal with the pain that is endometriosis. I may not show that on snapchat, and maybe I haven’t been showing my more relatable side recently, since delivering on my super long to-do list had me living in a bit of a robotic state.

So with all of the above being said here’s what I’m proposing with my content: more regular posts especially outfits, more posts where I really write the way you guys love and share my thoughts, more YouTube and as the weather warms up, a little more lifestyle in between!

I almost feel like I’m emerging from a bit of a slumber now that I’ve said all of this. And on that note, the comment section on my blog and platforms are always open for you guys to share your thoughts on this! I’d love to hear more about what you’d like to see, what you used to love that you wish I’d bring back and everything in between.


I totally jacked today’s minimal style from my friend Thithi Nteta! She wore something kind of similar in a blog post a few months ago and it stuck with me and I loved it. I finally got to do my own spin on it. I’m wearing a leather cap from Turkey, old H&M shirt and culottes which you can shop here on, while my HYKE x adidas high top Stan Smiths are now on sale here.

Also, say hello to a new style of Lashes by Fashion Breed named after my friend “Leonor”, they will be available along with two other new styles as soon as I have tested them all and done a final quality check. It’s super important to me to make sure I bring you the best! :) 


IMG_7829 IMG_7910IMG_7837-2 IMG_7885IMG_7854-2 IMG_7914Cap from Turkey, H&M shirt (2013), Brett Robson Culouttes, adidas X HYKE sneakers, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Lashes by Fashion Breed in “Leonor” (available soon) and my lip colour is “Safe Word” by Smashbox.

Photographs by Malick.


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