Minimalism and monochrome at Victoria Beckham Autumn/Winter ’11

I did this post the other night mid-sleep. I am quite enjoying the minimalism in VB’s collection, because while I was looking forward to her usual elaborate detail (and was somewhat disappointed initially for the lack thereof), I took time to consider that she stepped out of her comfort zone and now appreciate it more, and I love the exaggerated shapes that emerged from some designs.
Furthermore just to update you all with my professional life and blog – I am positively DELAYED with my posting and I do apologise profusely. I am a good ten days late with my post on the Design For Style show, and what makes it even worse is that they showcased my things from Thrift, majority of which is already sold. I also took photographs during a date-day with Ziyaad, I quite liked what I wore. Prepping for Thrift’s last market took up lots of time, and when I wasn’t busy with that I was arguing with a few people, or I felt I deserved some rest. Both posts will come soon though, promise, and I shall try not to be too finicky with editing as this slows things down even more.
 Some other exciting news, I will be styling a two day European-inspired stock photo shoot, featuring a couple doing all things couple-ish; having dinner, running in meadows, blowing bubbles, kissing, cuddling etc, so I have been spending quite a bit of time sourcing for that. I have a 50’s style poetry-floral calf length skirt that I am in love with and I think is going to work well, it has a really romantic feel. There are a lot of copyright laws going with these stock photos, and I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to publish them on my blog, even if they are credited. Sad, but part of the journey! I am learning and having fun, and feeling very motivated by the immense amount of trust that has been put in me, and just how much my opinion counts in the process of the work that gets done.
Here’s to a triumphant week ahead for everyone.