Monkeys and Monks

Vintage Rayban Signets, H&M vest, silk skirt from India, gold necklace and Lord Ganesh cuff from Khan Market in New Delhi, Parfois pearl earrings and watch, Massimo Dutti boots, Zara bag,
So this was taken on my birthday at the Monkey Temple while exploring Kathmandu, which is inhabited by free-roaming monkeys and praying monks. By now you know I tend to like dressing to a country’s theme, but at the same time I had to wear something that kinda said “Whaddurrrp, it’s my bee-day, yo!” So I went for a Western-girl-in-an-Eastern-world, commercial gypsy feel.
I bought a candle for a mere 5 Nepali Rupees (which translates only to a couple of ZAR cents) from a little girl at the temple, and when I absent-mindedly told her to keep the change she smiled and asked me to wait, returning a moment later with a dollop of red paint, Kumkum, which she placed on my forehead – her sign of gratitude. I’d seen many Nepalese men and women with this mark on their forehead and later learned its significance in relation to the body’s seven spiritual vortices, or chakras. It is often applied when visiting a temple as a sign of respect and blessings.
Missing the family back home quite a lot lately, but feeling incredibly grateful for the ridiculous life I am currently living. Just got my leave dates, my lovelies in Cape Town – looks like I’ll be seeing you in January :)
Happy Weekend guys xx