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For the latest issue of A Fashion Friend, I teamed up with Kent Andreasen for the second time to shoot a concept I’d had in mind for a while, which was to shoot six looks in studio, each in a single, completely different colour. As superfluous as it sounds I was initially inspired by the colours of the rainbow (the six-coloured rainbow to be precise, although I won’t be discussing my stance on what it symbolises). Tharwat Dedericks from MAC ¬†was working the make-up, and Marihenny from Vision was in front of the lens, while my friend and work colleague, Francois Jeanne, assisted me on set.

I couldn’t find pieces I loved which worked with the initial colours I wanted (great purple and yellow garments are seriously hard to find this season), so the original looks excluded those, while a sixth pink look was brought on board. Later in post-production¬†though, Kent felt with its bright shade, the pink look didn’t quite fit with the editing treatment in the final result and it was excluded in the end. I do however plan on getting my hands on it soon and hopefully sharing it on Instagram. It was pretty cute; dress, beanie, Free Runs and all.

Otherwise, I’m trying to brainstorm a concept for next time but I’m kinda stuck.

Where do you go for inspiration? xx

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