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By now many of you may have heard the legendary international make-up brand, Benefit Cosmetics, has (finally!) made its way into SA. I’ve loved the brand and their quirky ads for years, and it’s so great not having to make the effort to shop for their products abroad anymore. To introduce you guys to the collection and the brand, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 items from their range so far.

1. Roller Lash Mascara (available here)
When it comes to mascara, I usually feel discouraged because there are so few that actually work for me. You see, here’s something most of you don’t know; my lashes don’t curl or lift at all and 95% of any mascaras I’ve tried are useless at aiding this issue, and only creates volume. I tend to flick them outward to give them shape, or use an eyelash curler and then coat them about three times for them to look somewhat decent. As a result, false lashes and/or lash extensions are often my go-to.
I’m very excited to say that Roller Lash mascara falls into the 5% bracket that actually lifts and curls my lashes. The curved brush assists the “hook and roll” technique encouraged by the packaging, while the spiked texture allows you to fan out the lashes and remove clumps. One to two coats are more than enough for a  striking finish.
IMG_1892 IMG_1909
2. Brow Zings Kit (available here)
I was very excited to try the Brow Zings Kit because I had heard so much about it. Here’s another thing you don’t know about me; I have an issue with eczema in my brows, which causes them to be patchy. So while I love using a powder to fill them, it doesn’t always hold on the areas where I have or had eczema. My brows aren’t always on point, and I’ve even photoshopped them in pictures where powders and other brow gels faded on my affected areas.
That being said, I’m so unbelievably happy with this product. The effect is long-lasting and it makes sense that it would be, as the compact contains both a pigmented wax which is first used to fill the brows, and a setting powder which holds the finish. It conveniently comes with an angle brush for the wax, and a smooth, rounded brush for the powder, while a set of tweezers allow you remove any strays.
3. They’re Real Push Up Liner (available here)
This nifty little tube has all the perks of a gel liner with the precision of a liquid liner pen. I’ve always loved gel liner pots but they do tend to dry out really quickly as the gel gets exposed to air during application. I would imagine that if the tip of the They’re Real liner is cleaned properly after application, this shouldn’t be a problem as the gel is held in the tube, which should be more airtight.
Two turning clicks at the one end pushes the gel out at the tip, and the pen is ready to use. The convenient Accu Flex tip is angled and made of rubber, allowing for greater control and making it really easy to create a winged effect. It all feels a little foreign at first because it’s the first design of its kind, but once you get the hang of it, it’s wonderful! I love brown eyeliner for the daytime, and found the pigment transfer strong and long-lasting. I will definitely be getting it in black too!
IMG_1976 IMG_1978
4. Dallas Powder (available here)
This is my new favourite for contouring cheeks, both on myself and my clients. Before, I contoured more with darker concealer and foundations and never really with a powder or bronzer. The colour transfer is fantastic, long-lasting and judging by one of my latest outfit posts (view it here), it photographs SO well. I’ve added this into my daily make up routine and love the effect it has when paired with the Girl Meets Pearl Illuminator, which I’ll discuss next.
5. Girl Meets Pearl Illuminator (available here)
This ultra-lightweight illuminator is my go-to these days for highlighting my cheekbones, and as I mentioned above, it’s SO great with the Dallas powder. A twisting mechanism allows you to push it out of the tube through a porous-looking end. My first impression was that it looked a bit extreme, especially with its subtle pink tint, but the effect on the skin is sheer and can be layered for a stronger effect. It’s great for finishing off a strobed look!
IMG_1953 IMG_1952
Have you guys tried anything from Benefit? What are your favourite products?

This post was presented in collaboration with Benefit South Africa, however all views expressed are my own and based solely on the products that resonated positively with my preferences and expertise.



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