My Favourites from Flormar

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I was recently introduced to Flormar Cosmetics, following their launch in South Africa a few months ago. Founded in Italy in 1970, the brand is incredibly popular overseas, and boasts a highly affordable price point. I was taken through their entire collection, and as a make-up artist myself, what grabs my attention in a product is the texture, finish and colour transfer, which is what led me to the products in this post.

I especially can’t resist a great eyeshadow. If you’ve had a look at my beauty Instagram, @thebeautybreed, you’ll notice I get carried away with blending contrasting shadows (very YouTube of me but I find it therapeutic and clients love it). I was particularly impressed with their collection of eyeshadows and lipsticks; the colour pay-off is phenomenal! 

In these images I created a light pink, purple and white smokey eye using the Pink Desserts 06 Quintet Palette (only R249!). I barely had to layer my eye, which I loved because it cut my eye application time in half. After a single area application of each shade, I simply blended them together and it was done. The white shadow in this palette was my favourite – it’s not often you find white eyeshadow that doesn’t end up being a sheer wash or shimmer on the lid.

I used the Waterproof Lip Liner and the Revolution Lipstick in R09 (R149), to create this trendy purple lip. I’ve been coveting this shade for ages, but either I found the consistency by other brands too dry, or they were forever sold out. The Revolution Lipstick glides on easily with brilliant colour, high coverage and great moisture.

If you’re after a more matte look, I highly recommend their Super Matte Lipstick (R89), which I ended up getting in a subtle but quirky shade called Peach Pastel. I love that “matte” in Flormar’s case does not mean “dry”, and rather refers to the finish, while it still feels moist on the lips.

Lastly, I am obsessed with white nail polish, and their Jelly Look Nail Enamel (R59), gave me a fast-drying, smooth and glossy finish. I just wish I was one of those cool girls whose nails grow strong and lengthy, because I love the shade mostly when the nails are a bit longer.

Overall I’m super happy to have killed my curiosity about the brand! I love that from foundations, to shadows, lippies, wet wipes and tools there’s something for everyone, and I love that they’re so affordable, while the product isn’t overly rich once it’s been applied.

If you’re interested in trying Flormar for yourself, they have two beauty bars, one in Kenilworth Centre and one in Blue Route Mall, or have a look at their site,, while you can follow them on Instagram @flormarsa.


PS: Would you like to see more beauty posts? If so, what kind? You guys always ask me for tutorials but sometimes videos take ages to edit or the camera just doesn’t quite capture the true finish! Malick took the portraits, I don’t think he did badly at all ;)

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This post was presented in collaboration with Flormar SA, however all views expressed are my own and based on the products that resonated well with my preferences.



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