My Fool-Proof Winter Look Part 1



This outfit is one of two looks I’ll be posting, showing you winter outfits that are so simple and always look cool, as well as where to shop similar items (both the cheaper and more expensive versions) online so you can pull it off too! You can find those links if you scroll further down in this post :)


Longer length tops teamed with skinny jeans and thigh high boots get me a crazy amount of compliments wherever I go and always makes me feel so chic and amazing! This look is perfect for dinner with the girls, a meeting or a winter party.

Ruffled blouses and bell-sleeves are all the rage this season, and they’re not going anywhere! They can be made winter-friendly by layering a slim turtleneck underneath, or allowing your exaggerated sleeves to peep out under your jacket. My mom made this blouse for herself years ago, then made it smaller and gave it to me recently. How nice?

Secondly, thigh high boots have been around for years, but this winter they’ve proven to be the it-girl boot yet again, which you need in your wardrobe! They give absolutely every look a sexy, sophisticated and edgy touch. These were my dream boots for years and I finally found a leather pair at Witchery in 2015, so I’m happy to share with you all they’ve brought a very similar pair back this season and now you can get them too! Did I mention how super flattering these boots are? Ahhh I just love them.


Ruffled blouse:

For the budget versions, click here and here.

For the splurge versions, click here and here.


For the budget version, click here.

For the splurge version, click here.


For the budget version, click here.

For the splurge version, click here.

Let me know if you guys want more ‘shop my look’ type posts in future! I know so many of you love outfit posts but honestly I just want them to be as much about you (if not more about you) than they are about me :)


polka layoutCustom-made shirt, G-Star Jeans, Witchery Boots.

Shot by Malick.


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