My Favourite No-Equipment Home & Travel Workout Routines


I always feel like a small workout is still better than no workout, and honestly do see a difference in the way it maintains my body. I’m so grateful for the internet in the way it freely shares helpful information to get us by, so today I’m sharing three routines I’ve found online and love using. When I’m super busy, on holiday, travelling (or all of the above), I often can’t make it to the gym and do a short home workout like this instead. 

I alternate between these three workouts, they’re all full body with no equipment needed. One is a sequence by Neila Rey, and the other two are youtube videos from Popsugar Fitness and Zachary Fiorido. 

The Modern Girl Workout by Neila Rey

Simple but effective, I love the way this workout alternates between bodyweight and cardio with each exercise. It really gets you sweating, gets your heart rate up and you totally feel the burn the next day. I only tend to do around 3 sets, then when I’m feeling extra I will do the Zachary Fiorido 10 minute cardio routine further down below!




10 Minute Low Impact, No Jumping Cardio by Zachary Fiorido

This video is my new favourite because I despise doing cardio that requires me to jump around. Also, since discovering how more impact can stretch out your breast tissue beyond return, I keep the impact as low as possible. But don’t be fooled! This will still get your heart rate up, seriously work your bum, arms and thighs and you may feel a good burn in your obliques the next day! 



20 Minute Victoria’s Secret Body Sculpting Workout by Heather Dorak & Pop Sugar Fitness

Heather Dorak, trainer to Alessandra Ambrosio, leads this twenty minute workout which is filled with moves that will sculpt, tone and challenge your entire body. I love that they include modifications for the times when you can’t do the advanced version of the exercise too. I’ve been doing this one for years and I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for travel or those days when you don’t have much time. In general, the Pop Sugar Fitness youtube channel is my favourite place to go for home workouts, they have so many easy and awesome training videos for all levels. Check their channel out here.


Let me know if you try these, I really think you’ll love them for how short but challenging they are! Do any of you have home/travel workout tips or programs you can recommend? I’m always looking for new ones so feel free to share with the class in the comment section below! 



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