New In My Closet

1. Leather stud cuff and gold necklace from Hong Kong Ladies’ Market, Mong Kok / 2. Jimmy Choo sunnies, a lovely gift from SmartBuyGlasses / 3. Turqoise necklace Leonor brought me from Tbilisi
4 & 5. I was loving the Nike store in Hong Kong! / 6. Other than the Twin Towers, these heels were my favourite bit of architecture in Kuala Lumpur ;) 
7. Lace ring-grip clutch from Hong Kong Ladies Market / 8. Black/Gold sequinned paisley dress, a gift from my love, River Island / 9. Dolce & Gabanna, The One, Eu de Parfum
10. Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, Spring/Summer ’12 Re-Edition leather jacket, purchased in Frankfurt
11. Maison Martin Margiela for H&M leather boots with removed heel, Fall ’08 Re-edition.
It doesn’t count as hoarding if it’s all new, right? These are my favourite of my new editions to my closet, mostly acquired while travelling.
Okay, but can we JUST actually talk about  the items I bought from Margiela for H&M? He re-created some of his favourite pieces from the last two decades for H&M presenting them as re-editions, and he didn’t hold back on the quality, and thus the price tag (eina!). The leather jacket has un-hemmed holes under the arms, and excess material flapping everywhere. I’m so keen to look like a walking, avant-garde leather sculpture. The boots were made as if their stiletto-heel base were removed, hence the curved shape of the sole. He proceeds to be kind enough to string the removed heels on a shoelace for you and include it in the box, dubbing it a “necklace”. So very kind of you Mason.
I have a feeling after reading this post, Mother will text me to say I should save my money.
First world pains.