Notting Hill

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This was the outfit I wore when interviewing Rita, and I love it that little bit more because she said she loved it (yes, I’m going to milk that line, ha!). 

Leonor shot this just after the interview last Wednesday before we went to our respective dinners. One of my best friends (and bridesmaid-to-be), Leonor and I used to live together in Doha, and were reunited in London for a short but sweet 18 hours. I couldn’t stop smiling when she took these pictures, it just really brought me so much happiness seeing her again after nine months.

If you read my previous post, this was the skirt I burnt. Luckily my mom made it for me, and she can make me another, after all it’s only the fifth dirndl I’ve made her sew on the last minute! I forgot to pack my stiffening which usually makes it stand out more, so sadly I lost the full effect. However, I may now need to stay away from this shape for a bit. Whenever I have a major event coming up and I’m at a loss for outfits, I toss some Thai silk and some chocolate at my mother, and she makes yet another dirndl skirt because paired with pretty much anything, it’s always a win.

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adidas Originals crop top, custom-made skirt, Woolworths necklace, adidas Originals X Rita Ora Black Pack sneakers, Casio watch, K-YumYum X Kelly Osborne for MAC lip colour, Dior #999 nail colour.


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