One Day At A Time


So many people I know are having the worst week. I don’t mean slightly pear-shaped, I mean life-changing, shit-has-hit-the-fan type of things have happened to the people in my life. It feels like every single day for the last few days I’m dealing with or hearing bad news and it’s overwhelming. And let’s not even begin talking about Trump winning the election, that’s half of America going through a bad time!

I went to bed last night determined to wake up positive and seize the day, only to be left in hours of sleeplessness overnight. Plagued with really loud rattling from the crazy CPT wind, and overthinking everything, I feel completely delirious as I write this! I made sure I did some yoga, meditation and watched a TED talk to keep myself motivated when I was feeling like I had zero lust for life, and it really helped getting my day started on a better note this time. 

Anyway, before this post gets too heavy, because I’m tired and at a serious loss for words, I’m just taking things one day at a time, and going to try and be there for everyone around me, myself included. One day at a time.


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Hat from Cotton On, Prada shades from Sunglass Hut, David Jones dress from Woolworths, Country Road flats and jeans, Marc Jacobs watch, Helmut Newton X MAC liquid lip colour in the shade “Self Portrait”.

Photographs by Malick


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