One Night in Paris


Hello from sunny Lisbon, and happy Women’s Day to everyone in South Africa! We just arrived in Portugal after 5 days in Paris which I’m both sad and happy are over, but I will fill you in on all of that soon enough.

Today, I’m just happy to have returned to one of my favourite cities in Europe, knowing I will be hanging out with my best friend and her family again, and this time Malick is with me. Last time I was here, I promised I wouldn’t come to Europe again without him. In general, this continent is just far too romantic.

On that note, we are going to nap/chill for a few hours before exploring the city. Paris killed our backs and feet because even with Ubers and the metro we walked between 12-24km every single day. I’m actually in so much pain, so I’m grateful Leonor will be driving us around sometimes.

So anyways, here is a look from Paris that I loved! It was probably my favourite outfit on the trip and got me tons of compliments from random Parisians, which made me feel hella fancy :-)

For now though I’m going to get back to holidaying. Hope you’re all having the best day!



eiffel IMG_4812


Country Road hat, G-Star RAW shirt, custom-made trousers, Pandora bracelet, Stan Smith Sneakers.

Shot by Abdul Malick Ally


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