OOTD: How To Transform Your Summer Whites into Winter Whites


Great style in winter really comes down to mastering the art of layering, and with Cape Town providing us with plenty of solid chill, it’s a skill everyone ought to know. From my personal, previously not-modest experience, layering the smart way can result in even the skimpiest-looking outfits keeping you seriously warm. On days where I can avoid being my typically clumsy self, I do enjoy an all-white look, especially teamed with a pop of tan or chestnut. Wearing one single colour, especially in a lighter shade, always looks chic and expensive.

In this look, I took two major winter trends and used them to layer a outfit I would typically wear in summer with espadrilles and a bandana neck scarf. Here’s my secret to staying warm AND pulling together an outfit I really loved:

  1. A major winter layering trend right now is the way turtlenecks are worn under absolutely EVERYTHING from shirts, to cocktail dresses, track tops and more. MRP.com have been bringing these turtlenecks in for the last few months, and at only R69 a pop (approximately $4), I buy two at a time whenever I find a shade I love. Take a peak at my recent Instagram Outfit Wrap Up Post here to see just how often these bad boys save me!
  2. In terms of underwear I’m wearing a pair of nude Spanx that rises up to just below my bra, and goes all the way to above my knee. I also wore a thermal long sleeve vest before finally adding the turtleneck. All the insulation from the Spanx seriously keeps you SO warm! In terms of warmth, the shirt basically serves zero purpose, it’s just there to cover my butt and create a contrasting silhouette.
  3. Thigh-high boots have been my kryptonite for YEARS, and they keep you so warm, especially if they’re a high-quality leather pair. This particular pair is by Stuart Weitzman at Spitz. They bring them back season after season and I remember eyeing them three years ago at Russell & Bromley in London where they costed 899 GB pounds and I could only dream of them!
  4. Essentially, Spanx paired with thigh high boots > wearing thermal bottoms or long Johns as I grew up calling them. I find them uncomfortable, they make me sweat and they make me feel fat. I try and avoid them as much as possible.
  5. On days like these wear the temperature was around 19 degrees celsius with no wind, this look and maybe a light jacket resting on my shoulders next time, would be more than enough.

Do you guys want to see any more how-to-wear posts? Let me know in the comment section below, via my Instagram or Twitter.

Hope the start of your week has been an amazing one!


layoutPrada shades from Sunglass Hut, shirt from Nala Cape Town, turtleneck from MRP, jeans from Country Road, bag by me for YOURS Leather (sold out), boots by Stuart Weitzman at Spitz.

Photographs by Malick


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