Jimmy Choo shades, H&M shirt, necklace from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, Topshop overall dress, Topshop leggings, Topshop socks, River Island boots, vintage bag.

Zorah took these pictures for me when we were both in a sleepy haze waiting for Massimo Dutti to open. I’d bought almost everything I’m wearing the night before when I went shopping with Colin at the Ramedaan sales in Doha.

I was meant to have returned to Cape Town yesterday for good, however a delay in some documents essential for my clearance resulted in me having to wait a few extra days. My back feels broken as I sent of over 100kgs of my cargo in the meantime, and Malick has been repatriated back to Cape Town already so I had to be my own man-muscle when schlepping all of those boxes! I may be quite quiet in the next week or two, as it’s most likely going to be a really crazy and busy time for me settling in and spending time with my family again.

Naturally the blog content will change as I wont be travelling again for a while. It will still document my journey in this industry of course, but otherwise what would you guys like to see more of? Let me know by leaving a comment or a tweet. I’m really terrible at replying but I always love hearing from you guys!