Pavement Special


Mango denim jacket, Oktoberfest Munich souvenir tee, Zara trousers, Nike Air Max Theas, miscellaneous arm candy. 

The last we will see of the dark hair for quite some time, these images make me miss my longer, darker tresses somewhat, and the way a lengthy, high, slicked back ponytail always verified that I actually am Nicole Scherzinger. The denim jacket was an impulse buy in Jeddah this past December in a very Reggies Rush kind of fashion, but luckily its a classic so I don’t feel too bad. The t-shirt was a souvenir from the amazing day I had at Oktoberfest in Munich back in 2012, and these track-trousers are hand-me-downs from my cousin (I still don’t get why she gave them away, but we won’t argue). My new Airmax Theas were a bargain on Zando’s website, as I had been budgeting about R1500+ for a pair and got these for less than half of the price. My exact pair is no longer available but they just put two other equally awesome colours on sale.

Otherwise, work beckons and my shoulders are stiff. It’s finally Friday, and the last time I was this excited this week was when Karl Lagerfeld made us all want to don sneakers and go grocery shopping with Cara Delevingne. I have a good couple of deadlines to get through before the end of the day, so I’ll leave it at that for today!





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