Perception is a Choice


The blog workshop sold out this week, which I’m so incredibly proud of and excited about! We packed most of the goodie bags last night, we’ve rounded off the catering and decor, and I’m nearly finished with typing the notes I’ll be giving to everyone in attendance. I don’t know what I’d do without my husband, mom and cousin Nazneen where this event is concerned. It’s so much to pull together, and they’ve done so much to help!

I’m headed to Joburg Fashion Week next weekend, and I’m freaking out a bit because since I’ve been married, the only way I can look remotely good at an event is if I plan my looks WAY in advance, or I get Malick to pick something for me. Thus far, I have no idea, let alone three outfit ideas, and best believe I’m probably going to have mom sewing up a storm at the last minute! But for now, even with Fashion Month in full swing, I don’t even have the meekest idea or inspiration. Decisions, decisions!

Hope you are all having an amazing week so far :)

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Baseball cap from a leather store, MRP necklace, H&M top, Topshop dress, adidas sneakers, Casio watch, Ray Ban aviators.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel


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