The Magnum launch for Pink Pomegranate and Black Espresso at Shimmy Beach Club was beyond fun. I love it when an event is so well-organised, yet carefree and lighthearted.

From fuchsia orchids, to a photo booth, beautiful Cape Town weather, delicious snacks, sushi, a nail bar, the usual laughs with the girls, and of course uncapped Magnums for everyone, this was one of the best events I attended this season. I loved that it was so organised, with its itinerary also including a Twitter auction and a cook-off. I was happy to note there were so many people I didn’t know too, instead of the usual fash pack – after a season of so many events and launches anyone would get tired of seeing the same people. And while I despise the in-depth discussion of freebies, I can’t withhold that it was one of the best and most varied goodie bags I have ever received!

As for the product itself? I can’t decide which of the two I prefer. I tasted the Black Espresso first as it seemed the safer option, and I love bitter dark chocolate. The suggestive crunch following that first bite escalates into a seductive palatal taste with contrasting tumbling textures, and a taste that kicks you slightly out of your comfort zone – but enjoyably so. Pink Pomegranate is unexpectedly creamy. Usually fruit-flavoured ice-creams are more icy, but I enjoyed this one because it was like frozen yoghurt, with chocolate on top. Need I say more?

Thank you for having us, Magnum, and thanks again Shafeeqah for letting me share some of your pics!


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