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My sweatshirt isn’t the only thing that’s raw in today’s post. I’m sitting here thinking sadly about how much social media has changed everyone’s life, more so in my life and how people treat me. I’m not even going to lie, it hurts like hell at times. Blogger/influencer or not, life has changed for everyone. Some friends and family treat me differently, and make assumptions. Or my worst, try and pin me up against my peers like life or work is a competition. “Why does so-and-so get more likes than you?”/”The reason you get more work is because you’re professional, not like xxx who does xxx”. I wish it would stop because honestly, that’s really not what interests me.

Fashion Breed is my brand and in my heart I’ve never confused that with who I am as a person or my worth. To be honest, if it wasn’t for my platforms being my job, I would not have any personal social media  (maybe just Pinterest). I imagine that life would be amazing and ‘old school’, because let’s be honest, I have an old soul. I’ve seen people become so consumed with a digital perception and the portrayal of a life, they can’t see beyond the filter, and think it’s all real, their own projected lives included. I wish I could hang out with people I’ve known all my life and still have them treat me the same, and talk about the same silly/serious things we talked about years ago. Why does that have to change? I miss real conversations. I hate gossip, which again only gets fuelled by what people post online and what others see. And although it’s flattering and meant in the best of ways, I wish that the majority of people I know wouldn’t only want to talk to me about my “cool” job or have that be the only thing they see. If anything, I don’t want to talk about work at all. I just want to chill and talk about or listen to what’s good.

I miss those late night DMC’s about life. I miss listening to people talk about their dreams and ideas. I want to talk about books, personal growth, faith, travel, the arts. There is so much more to to life than image,  money, and people, which I know seems contradictory since I make money off an image, but even so, does that mean it has to be the backbone of everything? I really miss having more substance in life, for everyone.

I said this before and I’m going to say it again. Never ever compare your life to someone else’s on social media or believe every single thing you see. Social media can be incredible, obviously, but never forget that all it is at the end of the day is a picture. 




Autumn is most definitely here, and she’s letting us know with the chill in the air every morning and night! Cosy sweaters like theses and the comfiest boyfriend jeans seem to understand me. I threw on some make-up, fishnets and luxe sneakers to make myself look like I kind of had my life together. I’d say it worked, or nah?


raw layout

Top – G-Star RAW, jeans – Cotton On, shoes – Carvela Luxe at Spitz, fishnets – Mr Socks (stall outside Cavendish Square).

Images shot by Malick


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