Review: Oubaai Hotels and Golf Estate, Herolds Bay


If you read my blog posts from earlier this week, you’ll know it’s my second time visiting Oubaai in the last month, which I guess tells you the direction this review is going. Before I share my experience, it’s best to know we aren’t golf-people, and I’m an accommodation snob. I blame it on my days when I was cabin crew; I stayed in a lot of amazing hotels in that year, and it nurtured my eye and taste for comfort. All opinions in this review are my own, and no part of our stay was sponsored (except for the drive, thanks Dad!)

We’d heard about this place a while ago and my mom invited Malick and I along with her and my father. I was excited for a Garden Route getaway, and I love hotel life (not to be confused with random holiday house life, or strange holiday-making place guised as a resort) and the only time I will compromise on this at times is when I’m overseas. Seriously, I could chill in a beautiful comfy room with my fluffy gown watching pointless doccies on TV and be really happy. Anyway, these are my thoughts.

The Room

The rooms are wonderful. I loved how very, very spacious they are, complete with a large three seater sofa, coffee table, desk area and separate dressing table. The toilet itself is in en-suite form, while the FANTASTIC, huge, freestanding bath and open shower sit in a frosted glass enclosure in the room. The beds are comfortable with their crispy white bedding, and the views from both rooms we had offer incredible landscape and sea views. It’s also so great how the A/C actually works to your desired temperature, because honestly, most hotels offer dud heating systems that leave you freezing more than anything else. Nothing in the room has a cheap finish, and check out time is only at 12pm, yay!img_8612img_8620 img_8708img_8617 The Spa

The spa’s decor and setting is SO beautiful and their prices aren’t bad at all. On our previous visit, I enjoyed a massage, facial and time out in their tranquility pool which was wonderful. On this trip I had a full body massage again and an express mani. The only bizarre criticism I had during my first visit to the spa was their gowns. They’re made of a light cotton-like fabric and many of them were tattered and frayed, however, it was lovely coming back a second time and finding they had upgraded to high quality towelling gowns, and this time they also had disposable underwear. On my last visit, a lovely lady by the name of Norma gave me the best massage of my life, which I haven’t been able to say since the massage I had in Kathmandu a few years back. My mani wasn’t bad but also not amazing, but worth it considering I only paid R80 after the discount. After the 20% off, in total I spent R1000, which included full body massages for myself and my mom, my manicure, her brow wax, half an hour each in the tranquility pool and a gratuity tip. How worth it?

img_1415 img_1417

Other Facilities and Activities

The pool area is really lovely, of course there is the large golf course, tennis courts and a well-equipped gym. The gym has also been upgraded since our previous visit, including more pools, a squash court and rooftop basketball/tennis court. There’s also a hiking trail which takes you up to the whale-watching point, and a kids centre, along with a few other independently-owned shops. They can facilitate conferences too!

The Food

The breakfast selection gets a 7/10 from me, but the best part about it is that they’re halal-friendly, with all things porky present, but kept at a distance. It’s so great being able to enjoy the selection fully, without feeling like you’re being left out of any yumminess!

The dinner buffet is equally as good, different every night and I was pretty impressed with their dessert selection; everything was super fresh and not cheap-tasting at all.

Value For Money?

Our stays definitely gave value for money. Both times we visited while their Winter Warmer deal was on, where you only pay R1299 per room, including breakfast and dinner buffets, as well as 20% off the spa. For what you get, it’s a ridiculously good deal. Family members of mine have booked for peak season and the price wasn’t much more. Whatever you do though, DO NOT book through sites like, they ripped us off the first time and it was much cheaper with more included if you booked with the hotel directly. Groupon’s deal that often comes up is better than the hotel’s though, so always call and compare before you finalise. 

The Final Verdict

We’re so happy to have been back, and can definitely see ourselves returning again and again. Both times we were here we truly didn’t want to leave. If you’re headed up the Garden Route for festive season, and/or have kids you need to keep occupied, and/or you need halaal food, and/or you need peace and quiet, I highly recommend it.

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