Reviewing & Swatching Clinique’s Pop Matte Liquid & Tube Lipsticks


(From left to right: 08 Bold Pop, 05 Graffiti Pop, 04 Mod Pop)

Hi guys! With summer pretty much here in the Southern Hemisphere, I’ve been loving whipping out my bright lippies to compliment the mood. And on that note, the Clinique team recently sent me their new range of Pop Matte lipsticks, featuring bright, warm tones of reds, pinks and other berry tones, just in time for the season ahead! There are a few shades in the classic tube lipstick formula, and then some more in the liquid lipstick format.

I wanted to swatch these on my lips but then I realised, besides my dire need for a lip wax right now, lip colours never look the same on me as they do on most people. My natural shade is so pink, it changes the appearance of most lip colours that I wear! If you scroll down to the images though, you can see swatches of them each on my arm. Below are my general thoughts on the two different formulas. All opinions are my own, and this isn’t a sponsored post :)


The formula has a lovely buttery consistency, going on softly and smoothly, with a matte finish. I think that’s super important with matte lipsticks. There are few things worse than your lipstick colour being amazing but being super dry! One slick will be a little sheer, two slicks will have your lips covered. I was a bit saddened by Bold Pop, I thought it was going to be darker and richer, but it turns out to be more of a berry burgundy. Still pretty! Just not what I expected. Overall though, these lipsticks are a good buy I think!

My must-have shade? Mod Pop for sure!


(swatches from left to right: 08 Bold Pop, 05 Graffiti Pop, 04 Mod Pop)



(From left to right: 07 Boom Pop, 08 Black Liquorice Pop, 03 Candied Apple Pop, 06 Petal Pop.)

I find liquid lipsticks really come down to personal preference. For some people, like me, I like my liquid lipsticks to go on smooth, get dry, feel and look matte, have no transfer and still feel comfortable. It must also last super long. Then for many other people, they prefer a liquid lipstick to be comfortable, look matte, have an amazing shade and don’t mind the transfer or if it lasts only as long as a traditional tube lipstick. These liquid lipsticks are of the latter kind. I love the colours, and it does leave a mild stain that clings to the lips so it is longer lasting than a traditional tube, but not as long as the very ‘Youtube’ style liquid lipsticks you may be looking for. Overall, if you like a slick liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry out or feel uncomfortable, this one is a good bet! I really love the finish on the lips too – a brilliant velvety matte. Plus the packaging is just so pretty and pocket-size!

My must have shade? Black Liquorice Pop!


(From left to right: 07 Boom Pop, 08 Black Liquorice Pop, 03 Candied Apple Pop, 06 Petal Pop.)

Anything else you guys want me to swatch that you maybe saw me receive on my snapchat? My next swatch/review will be on the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette, so look out for that one next week sometime!



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