Rua Augusta Arch


I have this thing with old European architecture. There’s just something about the detail teamed with cobbled streets, and I suppose the fact that it’s so different to home, that makes it so romantic. When Leonor and I lived together in Qatar she would always try and sell her home town, Lisbon, to me. But doesn’t every expat try and do that when they’re away from home?

I never took her seriously until one day when I showed her images from a now seemingly-mundane building in Frankfurt and she laughed like crazy.

“You think this is pretty? Listen to me, you HAVE to come and visit me in Lisbon!” she said. She googled images of Downtown Lisbon and the image of Rua Augusta Arch came up. My jaw dropped. I’d seen pictures of the streets, buildings and this particularly breathtaking arch and had no idea it was in Lisbon all along. And when I finally saw it, my heart skipped a beat. 

Built to commemorate the city’s reconstruction after its earthquake in 1755, it acts as the main entrance to downtown Lisbon, filled with stores, restaurants, museums and the famous old tram system. The last image in this post is taken at the top of the arch just before sunset – the viewpoint was by far the best of the four we’d visited in Lisbon.

I can’t thank Leonor enough for showing me around her beautiful hometown, and taking my pictures for me! In my next few posts, you will see why you simply have to visit Lisbon someday. It truly is a hidden gem that not enough people talk about.

About my look:

I’m wearing my new favourite dress I got at MBK mall in Bangkok. It’s so romantic, and reminds me of D&G. Then my beautiful new bag is the first sample of genuine leather bags my husband and I are producing together. We can’t wait to share more with you! 


IMG_2961IMG_2950 IMG_2964IMG_2983IMG_3047

Earrings from Aladdin’s Cave in Gordon’s Bay, dress from MBK mall in Bangkok, G-Star RAW shades, Mango coat, River Island boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Pandora bracelet

Photographs by Leonor Alves



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