RVCA ‘Beautiful Losers’

Last week I attended the RVCA Beautiful Losers screening at the Labia theatre with Aisha, the Tripp boys, Aaron and his two girl-friends on whom I have major stalkeresque girl-crushes. Why am I always at the friggin Labia Theatre tho? Did they have to have the launch there? I’m always selling vintage there, always seeing movies there, always invited to screenings there and to top it off my university drama school was directly opposite it. Then I graduated. I find an ad online for a stock photography company looking for a stylist to contract, and where is the office? two roads behind the Labia theatre. Where do I live? Significantly far from the Labia Theatre. Hipster central. I have an undercut. I am an influenced statistic.
Anyway. I am rambling. The Beautiful Losers doccie was interesting, I enjoyed it I must say and if it comes to your city you should see it too. The popcorn was alsoquite nice, but of course everything that’s free is always quite nice. My two favourite quotes from the film:
– “That whcich was once underground, becomes celebrated”
– “Why have cancer when you can rather be funny?”