I totally forgot I have this post in the pipeline! About a month ago I attended the launch of the new Calvin Klein store in the Waterfront. The event was pretty packed and I ended up chilling outside mostly and catching up with some of my favourite fashion friends instead – I get claustrophobic way too easily!

Keeping it short and sweet about this look; I know many of you are going to ask me about my skirt, and it’s yet another creation by my mom, a little something I had her whip up for me when I went to London in September. You can see the tomboy-ish way I wore it here. I usually wear a stiffening skirt underneath to give it that extra pop, but in this case it looked better without it. My tuxedo blazer is one of my best buys ever, its tailored fit and satin lapel trim makes me feel all kinds of chic, while this Calvin Klein keyhole turtleneck is a long-time favourite in my wardrobe, and I wanted to support the brand at the launch by wearing it of course! 

Right now I’m one of four people left in the office as everyone else is on leave, and I’m giving myself pep talks to push through and not get distracted. The end of year “itis” has hit me so hard, I can’t help but embrace the first world pain, which begs the question, “Why am I not on a tropical island with my man right now?” Sigh! This year has been a rollercoaster for me, with many highs and lows. Most of all though, Fashion Breed has seen growth I never knew was possible, and I don’t thank my readers enough. I realised sometimes I give the sad haters a little too much attention (a combination of me being super sensitive, and wanting to show people it’s not okay), but I don’t praise the loyal, kind, supportive, fashion-enthusiastic readers who are endlessly leaving me the most amazing comments and words of encouragement.

So THANK YOU to all of you for an amazing 2014, I can’t wait to welcome 2015 with you!



CK-2 CK-3 CK-5

Studio W Blazer, custom-made skirt by my mom, Calvin Klein turtleneck top, Zara heels, Zara clutch, casio watch, MAC Viva Glam III lip colour.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel


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