It’s my first full Winter back in Cape Town since 2011, and it’s pretty crazy how much colder it has become. Thermals are no longer reserved for overseas trips, and two jackets at a time are often essential. I wore this outfit to work, and almost everything I’m wearing has a little story, but I wouldn’t be able to fit them all in this post. I think sometimes the sentimentality of an outfit or garment can bring you a sense of happiness and even confidence when you’re wearing it. It’s that sense of knowing, that memory, that makes you pretty much rock anything like it’s prom day

These silver Sissy Boy jeans were given to me by the brand in 2012 just before I moved to Qatar. I remember being so excited because it was one of the first gifts I remember receiving as a blogger, and it gave me a sense of encouragement. The tweed Pull & Bear top was bought in Doha when I was planning my outfit for a layover in Milan. I was going to one of the fashion capitals of the world, and I needed options and I needed to be a RTW Italiano in Milano, but comfortable enough to do tourist-friendly things. I can’t ever wear this top without remembering the phenomenal twenty four hours I spent back in Italy.

These leather gloves are undoubtedly, the most perfect leather gloves. And this was something I noticed already when I received them at my uniform fitting before I started working as a flight attendant on board. When I resigned and the time came for me to return my uniform, I conveniently “lost” these gloves, and gladly paid for their replacement because there was no way these were being left behind. I mean, they are even lined with fleece.

Then lastly, the boots are from Margiela’s range for H&M, and I bought them in Frankfurt, along with a leather jacket and dress from the range. Margiela is a genius. His range for H&M constituted of exact re-makes of pieces from some of his favourite collections. These boots are the “boots with removed heels”, so, typical to his raw and unfinished aesthetic, he removed the stiletto heel from these boots, and strung them around a shoestring necklace, which is included in the packaging when you buy it. I don’t know about you, but I live for that sort of thing.



H&M cape and white shirt, Pull & Bear tweed top, Woolworths leather jacket, Qatar Airways uniform gloves, Casio watch,  Zara bag, Sissy Boy jeans, Margiela X H&M boots.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel