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Hellooooo Friday! I just wanted to start today’s post off thanking all of you for showing excitement for the upcoming charity sale. I received so many messages from people asking what more they can do to help out and it means the world! All we really want is for you guys to come through to the event and of course support it as much as possible. But even if you don’t purchase clothing and maybe only buy a cupcake, that’s R20+ that’s going to someone in need and every bit helps. But seriously though I’ve got lipsticks for like, R30 so I’m sure you’ll find more than a cupcake :)

Who else is excited for the weekend though? I’m probably just gonna chill this one out again with my huz. My bestie, Leonor, is visiting from Portugal and she gets here next week Friday, and she’ll be here for 2 weeks so I’m going to be a tourist in my own city with her again. The previous times she was here it was literally for four days each time max, so now she’s going to get the Mother City experience! I’m hoping to give myself some much needed time off then too, to bond with her and give myself the break I seriously deserve. Well, between Fashion Week, one or two commissioned appearances and the sale. EEK. This year the workload started off hard and fast, and I’m still a little shook by it. But hey, can’t complain about having food on my plate when the goal was to eat. Right?



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Cap – adidas Performance, tee – H&M, zip dress – Street Lines Apparel, shoes – Woolworths.

Shot by Malick


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