Shoreditch, London: Photo Diary

During my stay in London, I spent much of my time with an old friend I studied with, Johann. He’s currently living in the UK doing his post-grad in photography. Johann, or Yoyo as we call him, took me partying in Shoreditch, where I was re-united with my inner-hipster, and once again left baffled by why gay men like me so, so, SO much. We did East Bloc, Dalston Superstore and this really incredible Betty Base party that only happens once every couple months. I loved the vibe in Shoreditch, the clubs played good music, and the people were… interesting… which is good!
Johann also shot some portraits of me in and around Shoreditch park. Let’s just say that when no one knows you in an area/country, it is perfectly acceptable to walk around in nothing but a lace body suit, stockings and faux fur. Perfectly acceptable.