Should You Cut Curtain Bangs?

It’s a look that’s been trending for a while now and if you’re reading this, it probably means you’re playing around with the idea of cutting curtain bangs, but utterly afraid you will have deep regrets and/or that it will be too high maintenance. 

I’ve had my curtain bangs for a month now, and in short, I don’t regret it at all, and it actually hasn’t been too high maintenance (note: I can only speak for my own hair type). These are some of my tips for general maintenance and styling:

I had my hairstylist, Zainab at Spoilt Hair, cut my bangs at a wispy length that could still be placed behind my ears so they wouldn’t have to be in my face all the time. Initially I thought I’d have to clip my hair back all the time (and when I did I had a very 2009 “pouffe” which I hated and eventually found was completely unnecessary. Bangs behind the ears stay perfectly in place and I don’t at all style them every day. Besides, having a fringe of any kind hanging around your face is not always good for your skin and the oil can cause breakouts, clean hair or not.

When I do style my bangs, let’s say I need to go out a couple of days in a row and I want them showing, I make sure to use a heat protecting spray to minimise damage. Split ends framing your face are never cute.

I style it by blowdrying backwards, wrapped around a big round barrel brush to create volume and dimension.

I also let it air dry as often as possible so there’s less heat damage when I do decide to blow-dry it.

It takes a little getting used to, but I love it so much! A while ago I chickened out of cutting them and instead cut two longer, thinner front pieces to go with current hair trends, and that was way more annoying and impractical! I’ll definitely be keeping my curtain bangs for a while. What do you think of them and would you get the look?



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