So Many Patterns, So Many Self-Portraits

Leopard scarf, India; lace bodysuit, Primark; silk skirt, gift from India; ring, a gift from Katmandu; gold watch, Parfois; mesh bangles, Amber Jones for Mr Price.
I am well aware that as you scroll down these pictures, they just get worse and more blurry. But I can explain; I was experimenting and being silly and then BAM. Battery drained. So I couldn’t take a proper photograph. But I find these more fun anyway!
I wore this to dinner the other night. I looked like a collage and it felt fantastic. You know I’ve needed a night out when I wear all my favourite busy pieces all at once!I’ve been so busy since I got to Doha that I haven’t had a chance to dress up/feel pretty/blog.  With Ramedaan in full swing and living in a semi-liberal Muslim country, I’m having fun being more conservative in what I wear for now. In all honesty I doubt it will be a permanent fixture, but we won’t get into that.

Many of you have been asking me WHAT exactly am I doing in Doha. So I’m about to answer you, kind of. The company I’m working for is in aviation, and I am not permitted to mention their name or what I do over any online platform/social media. And that’s as much as I can say. All you need to know is that I’m here, I’m happy and that’s how things will be for a while!
If I haven’t replied to emails I’m sorry, I am currently in slave mode…
But soon!