Sorbet Make-Up: Testing & First Impressions


In case you missed it, Sorbet (who we mostly know and love for their spas) recently launched their own beauty collection and they sent me a bunch of their products to celebrate! Today I’m giving you my honest thoughts and opinions on each in case you were interested in trying them out for yourself. Sorbet make-up is available at Sorbet salons, Click’s stores and on

In this first image, I’m wearing their Face First Foundation in Cashew mixed with their Glow & Tell highlighter, the Contour Me contouring blush duo in Barely Blush, Eye To Eye eyeshadow quad in cocoa crush, Shimmer & Glow Shimmer bronzer in Bronzed Beauty, What A Cheek blush in Fresh Berry, Browsability brow shaper pencil and highlighter and the Get Glossy Lip Gloss in Kiss Kiss.

I genuinely loved the final look here and kept it on for a while to test the wearability and also how it photographs. So with that being said, let’s start things off with their Face First Foundation!


First Impressions: Before taking these photographs I tested out the foundation on its own, with moisturiser only underneath. The effect was quite matte, which as many of you know isn’t typically my preference. I love a dewy/glowy effect and since this has an anti-ageing serum in it, I thought that it would have the dewy finish. I then took it all off and decided to mix in their Glow & Tell highlighter (I’ll speak more about this product in detail later) and then reapply. The mix was about 60% foundation, 40% highlighter. The result of this was OUT OF THIS WORLD. The finish was medium coverage, glowy with a “soft-focus”/poreless finish (which happens to be one of the claims on the foundation bottle). It photographed incredibly well, looked very expensive on the skin, lasted long and didn’t oxidise! This image barely needed any editing because it looked so great on camera. For years now I’ve always mixed liquid highlighters in with my foundation, I do it around 90% of the time when applying my make-up, so I was really pleasantly surprised by how well the combo turned out because I didn’t have high expectations.

What it feels like: The foundation formula is runny so it feels light. For me it felt a little dry on the skin but that may just be the matte factor, because ALL matte foundations feel that way to me. I feel like a moisturizing primer could fix that easily, bearing in mind I wasn’t wearing a primer here.

You would like it if: You like a matte foundation and you struggle with large pores – it filled mine in much like a primer would which I thought was really cool!

You would not like it if: You prefer dewy skin and a light-looking finish or if you battle with dry skin.

Retail price: R289,95

sorbet 2 


First Impressions: This liquid highlighter gets rated a very rare 10/10 from me and I am completely and utterly in love with it. At only R149 I will most definitely be purchasing it again when this one runs out. Of all the products that I was sent, this one impressed me the most. I love a good liquid highlighter, in fact I’ve always prefered it over powder highlighters. But most brands don’t do them very well and make the mistake of making them too intense in pigment, too white-based or glittery (obvious glitter is my pet peeve in highlighters). This highlighter has a very subtle gold finish, no glitter, it is buildable, and doesn’t have a sticky finish once it dries. It dries feeling EXACTLY like the rest of your skin and just one drop goes quite far. This is the type of product that gives you a lit-from-within glow and is all kinds of WOW. The only thing I wish for is that it came in a bigger bottle so I can have MORE!

What it feels like: It feels lightweight, like a lotion when you apply it and when it dries it really merges with your skin.

You would like it if: You love liquid highlighters and glow products. It is a seriously affordable contender against some of the best liquid highlighters in the business.

You would not like it if: You prefer heavy make-up and powder highlighters.

Retail price: R149, 95

CONTOUR ME CONTOURING BLUSH DUO (pictured below left):

First Impressions: I love that this compact is straight-to-the point. I can’t tell you enough how many contour kits I have that has too many shades of brown in it that I don’t end up using. It’s great that it also has a mirror in it. I loved the pigment and it has a strong colour pay-off but I did find myself blending the peachy blush into the cheek contour area itself to warm it up a bit more. I loved it when creating my nose contour. I’ve always loved a peach blush too, especially for summer so overall I think it’s a pretty good palette!

What it feels like: it’s comfortable and has a good powdery formula. 

You would like it if: you’ve wasted bigger contour kits and prefer powder contour over cream.

You wouldn’t like it if: you like your contour to be light, because it’s quite pigmented and you have to go easy and slow when you’re using it!

Retail price: R189,95

WHAT A CHEEK BLUSH CHEEK STAMP (pictured below left)

First Impressions: I love the concept of this – the lid has a mirror and screws off to reveal a sponge which is automatically dipped into the blush powder. I love that one stamp on the apple of each cheek gives off the perfect amount of product in the right place which then just needs to be blended out. The the pinky-peach colour is really pretty and has a subtle pearly finish which I found super cute, because I always love a hint of highlight on top of the rosiness on the apples of the cheeks. It gives a natural-looking flush.

You would like it if: You enjoy a slightly glowing blush. I’m really enjoying the balance between the pigment and shine.

You wouldn’t like it if: You like highly pigmented blush without shine. I’m not really a blush girl, so I enjoyed that this finish was more natural looking but still evident.

Retail price: R169,95

sorbet 5


First Impressions: The payoff is SO pretty. Again, no unnecessary glitter, just a pretty, sheer and warm glow. I love the colours on their own too; they would make fantastic eyeshadows on their own.

What it feels like: Ultra smooth and buttery, it doesn’t leave any fallout and goes onto the brush and the skin with ease.

You would like it if: You love a shimmer brick bronzer with no obvious glitter. I’ll be honest, shimmer bronzers are not really my style, but if you enjoy a shimmer bronzer, I think this is a lovely option. 

You wouldn’t like it if: You love glitter in your shimmer or prefer a matte bronzer

Retail price: R199,95


(Pictured below: the left eye is Way Out Lashes mascara, on the right is Loud Lashes mascara)

Overall Impression: Loud Lashes is a volumising mascara, while Way Out Lashes is a lengthening mascara. Between the two, Loud Lashes is my favourite because I’ve always enjoyed volume over length. Both formulas are nice and do what they say they do. Overall, they’re both pretty decent!

Retail price: Both mascaras retail for R149,95 each.


First Impressions: The payoff and formula is incredible; I can see this being my new go-to brow pencil! The only thing I would change is I wish there was a spoolie on the other end instead of the brow highlighter so that the product can be worked through, but if you have your own spoolie then you’re good to go! The highlight end itself is very nice though, a little dark for my skin so I didn’t use it, but otherwise really lovely.

What it feels like: For lack of a better word, it feels expensive. The product glides on easily and doesn’t crumble or smudge.

You would like it if: You prefer a brow pencil over other brow products like powders and gels – it’s really good and long-lasting!

You wouldn’t like it if: You insist on needing a spoolie end. Otherwise I can’t fault it, it’s a great pencil.

Retail price: R149, 95

sorbet 4

GET GLOSSY LIP GLOSS (pictured below left and center):

First Impressions: The gloss has a pretty finish with a pretty and sheer colour pay-off (it’s what I’m wearing in the first image of this post). It lasted a decent amount of time, maybe an hour or two.

What it feels like: I love the formula! I find a lot of glosses are either too thick or too light but this has such a lovely balance between the two. It feels super comfortable.

You’ll like it if: You’re into glosses. I’m a major lip gloss fan and this is definitely a good one I can see myself using regularly.

You won’t like it if: You prefer a thick or clear formula, or something matte/buttery.

Retail price: R129,95

EYE TO EYE EYESHADOW QUAD (pictured below right and center):

First Impressions: The colour payoff is pretty decent and it blends nicely. I preferred working with the product while it was wet – the coppery shade and the dark brown was awesome! I think this is such a great compact to keep in your bag or to travel with. You can create both subtle and dramatic looks with it, and with the right brushes you could even use the brown shade to fill your brows. The only thing missing in here is a mirror.

You would like it if: You like a no frills, no fuss to-the-point palette that is both pretty and practical.

You wouldn’t like it if: You can’t handle the fall-out. When applying, the pigment goes on nicely but some excess powder can tend to sit on the surface which needs to be dusted off and could potentially mess elsewhere. I would suggest doing your eyes before doing foundation or using it wet like I did, then it should be all good.

Retail price: R179,95sorbet 1

MATTE KISSES LIPSTICKS IN VIGOUR (pictured left) AND JOY (pictured right)

First Impressions: This formula is sooooo nice! It feels really creamy but looks matte and glides on so nicely. There’s nothing worse than a matte lippy that barely slides onto your lips without getting stuck. These two colours are the two perfect shades of pink to have in your make-up collection.

What it feels like: It’s ultra comfortable and a highly-pigmented formula

You will like it if: You love matte lipsticks, it’s really so good.

You won’t like it if: You’re more into a creamy finish.

Retail price: R149,95

sorbet 3

That’s it from me for today, folks! Have any of you tried any of these and what was your experience? Or which are you most interested in testing?

Let me know in the comment section below!


This post was done in collaboration with Sorbet Make-Up. All views and opinions are my own.

Images by Abdul Malick Ally and myself.




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