Scarf, Pick’n Pay clothing; pony hair collar, Lone Folk; leopard blouse, H&M; Primark denims; Country Road tote bag; Fairheads leather gladiator flats; Rayban aviators from SmartBuyGlasses

Wore this the other day for afternoon missions with Malick and Andy. The day before I bought this amaze shirt from H&M, and I had to wear it as soon as I got the opportunity, obviously.
Also, I finally got my classic Ray Ban gold-framed aviators! I’ve always wanted a large pair because I don’t have the smallest face. The normal sized ones always looked odd and they never had size 62 anywhere in South Africa. Can’t express my joy at finding them on SmartBuyGlasses, and delivered to my doorstep too!
I’m typing this while I’m on Skype with Aisha, so I have to keep it short.
Almost time for my internet to be installed, grrr! Can’t wait to share with you guys properly!
So much love from this side of the world, hope Ramedaan is going well for my Muslim readers :)