Step Up

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Taking it back to where I decided to start this blog, it was on the notorious Jameson Steps that I decided to get going on “this blogging thing”. These steps have seen so much. They’ve seen me laugh, cry, comfort girlfriends, have my heart broken, skip class, get asked on dates, wear good and bad outfits, and make awesome memories throughout my university years. Little did I know, these steps would pass the torch to “this blogging thing”, and this site would see me through some of the best of my years, documenting it all the way.

Being on my own again and planning my wedding among many other things, I’m realising more what a different space I’m in compared to most of those around me. Not in the bad sense. It’s just different. A little daunting, a little a exciting, a little ostracising, a new kind of fantastic. I’m learning more about what needs my full attention, what doesn’t, the bits of my life where I need to grow up, and the other parts where I need to relax a little more! 

So here we are online again, with Fashion Breed documenting another hint of an existential roller coaster. Keeping in mind you can’t keep doing the same things and  then expect a different result…




 Bershka jacket, H&M top, Zara leggings, Casio watch, adidas Super Tech sneakers.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel


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