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Happy Monday, babes! Hope you all had a good weekend? I’ve been sifting through SO many of your emails, DMs, comments, tweets etc in response to my last blog post about anxiety and I can’t thank you enough. I actually can’t reply to them all so I’m doing a general response here so you all don’t think I took it for granted. When I wrote that post I thought I hope I’m doing the right thing, and I thought people are going to think it’s a weird cry for attention or something. Then I thought to hell with what anyone thinks that may be negative, I know this is a message I need to share and I’m so so happy I did. You all are so amazing!

One of my readers, Naadhira, is a psychologist, and this is just a bit of what she had to say:

“[It’s good] to allow others to see that you can be fully functional and still be faced with difficulties. It also allows for hope as they [readers] see it can be manageable. Stress management helps, as well as CBT and DBT techniques such as mindfulness is very helpful too. I see the dysfunctional thought processes are noted through speaking and through writing. It is always helpful as with anxiety we tend to catastrophise or appear dramatic, but these worries are really a concern in the moment and when revisiting it as an outsider we get to see it from a different perspective. I call anxiety a control disorder and what helps many is learning to let go and knowing when certain things are out of our control.”

The crux of what most of those responses said was “it’s so good to know I’m not alone in this, it means so much that you shared your story.” So here I am conveying that message again, this time to all of you, on behalf of all of you; you are not alone and you can overcome whatever is making you feel bad!


I don’t usually do dark colours in summer, but I was feeling this combo! Kimonos are my favourite in summer, the longer, the better! This one was made from a simple caftan that I cut all the way down the front and middle, and had my mom just hem the edges. Also, this black high-waisted jeggings from Cotton On are kinda giving me life.

Thanks for reading today!


img_0465 img_0569 img_0508-copy img_0568 img_0585

Kimono/dress from Mecca, vintage vest, Cotton On jeans, Kurt Geiger heels from Spitz

Photographs by Malick


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