The Infamous "is she only Muslim by name?" Debate – My Response.

I know most people prefer my pictures and barely read what I have to say. And maybe recently I have been pandering to that with more pretty pictures and less of my opinions. And maybe because I write less, I have lost a bit of the sincerity in that regard. Maybe I have even insulted my own intelligence, maybe I am endorsing a lazy superficial society by posting “quick fixes”. Maybe, despite the most humbling recent months of my life I have acquired a bit of narcissism which wasn’t always as present in my blog before.

This site has received a lot of attention lately, in the form of increased readership,online/press features, streams of comments, tweets and emails. Things I didn’t specifically go seeking for. And with all the positive acclaim, naturally comes the negative. Funny enough, while this blog is called Fashion Breed the criticism has been nothing on fashion but rather on religion and the fact that I call myself a Muslim and have made religious references via my blog and Twitter.

When it comes to my religion, I am by no means ignorant. Some people feel that if I am going to praise Islam I should substantiate that with my wardrobe.

I beg – and have the right – to differ.

I’m trying not to be defensive. But if the issue keeps arising I do feel it is necessary to make it known where my statements and inspiration (religious or not) are coming from, before I have to hear more uninformed backlash where my family is even brought into it.

My connection with Islam is an educated one between my Creator and I, and I believe there is but One. I believe that Islam, people and life in general is so much bigger than any concept our mortal minds can truly comprehend, and to attempt to do so through judging our peers is but blasphemy in itself. It has been watered down like a game of Broken Telephone where so many contradictions have become acceptable over time because it serves the parties involved. I am by no means perfect, and therefore choose not to stick a finger in anyone’s Halaal pie because I prefer to love the beauty that remains and respect the existential quest each person faces. A lack of tolerance is the type of thing that begins large-scale tragedies like war.
So I will not engage in religious debate, ever, but I am as entitled to express my love for Islam as much as the next person.

I would rather be a “hypocrite” by “revealing my body” on my blog with reserved public judgement and love for others, holding Islam in my heart, than be a proud hijabi who hypocritically makes a conscious effort to publicly hurt others in a matter that is none of their business.

Both are arguably wrong, but this is a FASHION blog. Not an I-am-an-ideal-person blog. I am so grateful to my loyal readers who appreciate and understand what this site is all about, and who are informed enough not to get emotionally attached to my personal standing. It baffles me why those who cannot do the same subscribe to anything I say.

My sisters/brothers in Islam who do not agree with what I am wearing and posting – I may not appreciate your opinion but I will defend to death your right to have one. Because that is part of your personal journey, one that I sincerely wish you the best of luck with.



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